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The Art of Deep-Frying

With clean, high quality oil, temperature control and proper cooking techniques, deep frying will not make food greasy as the moisture in food repels the oil. Hot oil heats water within the food and steams it; oil cannot go against the direction of this powerful flow because the water vapor pushes the bubbles toward the surface. So, if you have ever “enjoyed” greasy, disgusting deep-fried food, you can bet the oil was cheap, old and dirty, the batter wasn’t fresh and the deep-fryer was unable to maintain a stable oil temperature of 350F. Fear not at Roadside Willies. We use high quality canola oil with zero trans fats and our fryer equipment is state-of-the-art. We follow a strict oil management system which includes proper replacement and oil filtering down to half a micron several times a day to remove food debris, carbon particles and other contaminants that are introduced by the cooking process. Do you know how small a micron is? Really small! About 1,230 microns will fit on the head of a needle! OK, that’s the oil side. What about the cooking side? Let's take our Signature Half Pound Whole Fillet Fish & Chips. We use premium quality fillets of wild Atlantic haddock, freshly made batter and only cook our fish to order. Delicious, light and golden crispy. We DO NOT par cook our fish and store in the fridge to cut service time. That’s criminal. Freshly prepared food is worth the wait. Yup. Fresh. It’s way better. Roadside Willies. Great people. Great atmosphere. Great food. Period. See you soon! #fish&chips
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Ya Want Em' Fresh or Frozen?

Pre-cooked, factory-made chicken fingers are easy and fast for restaurants to prepare and serve. That’s why virtually every single fast food eatery and casual dining restaurant serve them straight from the freezer to the fryer to the mouth. And who cares how they’re made or what’s in em’, right? You just want em’ fast and cheap. Really? How about treating yourself to cooked-to-order chicken fingers made with a 100% natural, unpumped chicken breast, unbleached flour, 9 real herbs and spices and a wash of eggs and buttermilk. Fresh is best. We guarantee it. Roadside Willies in Truro. Great people. Great atmosphere. Great food. Period. See you soon!
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A great gift or stocking stuffer. Sure beats another pair of crappy underwear.
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Congrats to Nicholas and Sarah who were in to enjoy their SKINZ promotion supper featuring our famous Willies Potato Skins and in-house BBQ Smoked Baby Back Ribs. We can't wait for you to send us a new SKINZ recipe from your test kitchen! Thanks for participating and there's more fun to come, so stay tuned. Another good example of "you can't win if you're not in." ... See MoreSee Less

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Signature Fish & Chips

We use premium quality fillets of wild Atlantic haddock and only batter and cook our fish to order. Delicious, light and golden crispy. Willie invites you to enjoy a truly signature half pound whole fillet fish and chips dinner for a special price of only $10.95.


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Phone: 902.843.3486

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