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Our Chimichurri Bacon Cheeseburger is served on a buttery brioche bun with the added pleasure of homemade Argentinean Chimichurri sauce to give your taste buds an awakening that will fend off the February Blues. Served with crispy fries and coleslaw.
Eat local February 22-28 at nine restaurants around Truro, Bible Hill, and Millbrook. $2 from the sale of each $14 burger will go directly to Truro Homeless Outreach Society.
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This Roadside Willies promotion is a little different as I’m not pushing food and drink. Nope, it’s more personal. I’m asking you to vote for my nephew, Jonathan Henry. He’s in a contest that will send him to the 2022 Tim Hortons Brier in Lethbridge, if he earns the most votes. He’s competing with 11 other winning stories from across the country. Yeah, I know, I’m biased. Perhaps you will be too when you read a little more. You see, Jonathan was born with an extra chromosome (Down Syndrome). His spirit has inspired me since the day he was born. “Big J” overcame a number of life-threatening challenges right from the get-go and beat them all, including leukemia. The 1970’s doctor told his parents, “If you keep this child, he will have no quality of life, always have floppy muscles and won’t be toilet trained before a teenager, if ever. And he may never learn to speak.” Pfft. Let’s fast forward 37 years. With unwavering devotion and support from his family, “Big J” grew up to be one of the most amazing human beings you could ever hope to meet. Kind, compassionate, courageous, generous, loving, caring … you get the drift. He holds a steady job at Sobeys and shows up for work as scheduled and on time, every time. One stormy winter day, his Dad thought it best that he not go to work because the roads were bad. Jonathan quickly straightened him out about what it means to be reliable! How about sports? Jonathan has travelled the world competing in the Special Olympics and World Championships for swimming and speed skating. His haul, I think (I’m not so good at math), includes 16 Gold, 18 Silver and 13 Bronze Medals. I wish that doctor could have witnessed Jonathan's acceptance speech after being inducted into the Moncton Sports Wall of Fame! The amazing thing about Down Syndrome athletes is that they compete to do their best and help their “opponents” to do the same. If you ever experience a Down Syndrome competition, you will witness all competitors jumping up and down with excitement and happiness for the winner, even if it’s not themselves. Yes, indeed, they are a little different. There are no losers in their world. Only winners. If you ever want to meet someone with a heart as pure as freshly fallen snow, void of hate, racism, greed and any other human plague, spend some time with a Down Syndrome person. Down’s Really Up! Every vote counts and YOUR vote would be most appreciated. Please share this post. Click the link below and read Jonathan’s story. “Big J” is dah Man!
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We are looking for a 2-bedroom apartment in Bible Hill, preferably near Roadside Willies, for a family of four. The family recently arrived in Canada and both the husband and wife will be working at our restaurants. We have settled a few families in area apartments with very happy landlords. References are available. Price range around $900 per month, including heat and lights. Must be clean and secure. Drop us a message if you have, or know of, an apartment that's coming up for rent in the near future. Thank you! ... See MoreSee Less

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Signature Fish & Chips

We use premium quality Atlantic haddock and only batter and cook our fish to order. Delicious, light and golden crispy. Willie invites you to enjoy our signature half pound fish and chips dinner for only $10.95. This special is limited to takeout only.



27 Jennifer Drive
Bible Hill (Truro), Nova Scotia
B2N 6M5



Kitchen Hours:

Daily – 11:30am – 8:00pm