Sandwiches & Burgers

Make it a platter. Add crispy fries or hand-cut Willie Wedgies (2.95), a side garden or Caesar salad (3.95) or sweet potato fries (4.95).

Southwest Chicken Burger
A tender chicken breast fried to order with our own delicious coating of nine different herbs and spices. Served on a gourmet bun with lettuce, tomato and Southwest sauce. 9.95

Pulled Pork Sandwich
An authentic Southern classic smoked in-house long and slow over real hickory wood and slathered in sweet BBQ sauce. Served on a gourmet bun with leaf lettuce. 9.95

Smoked Meat Melt
Tender smoked beef seasoned Montreal-style and served on a toasted garlic baguette with mixed cheese and Dijonnaise. 9.95

Smoked Chicken Club
A smokehouse version of the classic diner-style triple decker clubhouse. Tender hickory-smoked chicken, crisp bacon, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise. 9.95

Add cheddar cheese 1.00

Willie Cheesesteak
Tender shaved sirloin steak served on a toasted garlic baguette with peppers, fried onions, mixed cheese and zesty horseradish sauce. 9.95

Cuban Sandwich
Hickory-smoked pulled pork, bacon, ham, mixed cheese, sliced dill pickle and roasted red peppers layered between a toasted garlic baguette with Dijonnaise. 9.95

Classic Griddle Burger
A juicy ground chuck burger cooked-to-order and served on a gourmet bun with lettuce, tomato, fried onions and our famous burger sauce. 8.95

Add cheddar cheese 1.00 Add smoked bacon 1.00

The Big Willie
A signature sandwich supreme made with double ground chuck burgers, double cheddar and double bacon. Cooked-to-order on the griddle and served on a gourmet bun with lettuce, tomato, fried onions and our famous burger sauce. Topped with a crown of onion rings. 13.95

Chimi Burger
A juicy ground chuck burger cooked-to-order and served on a gourmet bun with lettuce, tomato, fried onions and our medium spicy Argentinean chimichurri sauce made with a blend of red chilies, fresh herbs, garlic, red wine vinegar and olive oil. 9.95

Hawaii 5-0 Burger
A juicy ground chuck burger cooked-to-order and served on a gourmet bun with grilled pineapple, bacon, lettuce, tomato, fried onions and sweet BBQ sauce. 9.95

Porky’s Revenge Burger
Back by popular demand! A juicy ground chuck burger cooked-to-order and served on a gourmet bun topped with in-house smoked pulled pork, lettuce, tomato and fried onions. 10.95

Chicken Fajita Wrap
Tender hickory-smoked chicken, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, mixed cheese, tomatoes and our homemade Southwest sauce all rolled up in a tortilla wrap and baked to a golden brown. 9.95

Chicken Caesar Wrap
Tender hickory-smoked chicken tossed together with crisp romaine, smoked bacon, Parmesan, homemade croutons and our artisan Caesar dressing all rolled up in a tortilla wrap. 9.95

Mexican Wrap
Spiced chicken breast, pico de gallo, chipotle mayo and mixed cheese all rolled up in a tortilla wrap. Served with homemade salsa on the side. 9.95



GF*— Gluten Free Where Noted
(no bread, baked or mashed potatoes only)


Today's take-out special courtesy of Stevie MacNeil. Drone delivery only. Alex Keiths beer in a can for only $199.99 per 8-pack and a roll of TP included absolutely free. But wait! There's more! Order within the next 30 seconds and we'll throw in a 3-pack of Lysol Wipes, FREE! That's right. ABSOLUTELY FREE! Operators are standing by. ORDER NOW! ... See MoreSee Less

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After receiving calls and emails with questions like, “How come you are closed and every other restaurant is open are you still open for takeout?” (sic), I feel compelled to provide an answer. First off not every restaurant is open. For those that are, they are restricted to serving take-out food only. Ontario is slightly different in that they can also sell booze to go! Most large, full-service restaurants are shuttered completely as the variable costs of being open are too high and take-out food is generally not their forte. Joe E Cheesy’s Snack Shack exists to serve the take-out food market and is a brand new business that needs cash flow like any other business. However, in the midst of this unexpected chaos, we faced a huge dilemma that we could not reconcile. Given all the information we devoured about the COVID-19 virus, seeing what is happening in Canada, the United States and around the globe, and what the provincial and federal governments have asked us to do (actually they’re ordering us now because things are getting worse), we concluded that closing the restaurant was the responsible way to go. This was a personal choice, nothing more, nothing less.

Our quandary is that we need staff to do the cooking, although I have been known to make a decent meal for 2-4 people in one day. After deliberating back and forth, our internal jury returned the verdict; we had no right to put the health of employees in peril for a non-essential service like take-out food. Even if we ourselves could do all the cooking, the risk of “feeding” the pandemic would increase regardless of adopting new anti-virus hygiene protocols. Why so is beyond the scope of this post. If you have not taken time to learn anything about COVID-19, it’s high time you did. Admittedly it’s discouraging and confounding when the media report citizens carrying on with their lives totally oblivious to the current state of affairs, or buying into fake news or conspiracy theories, and blatantly violating directives set up to protect us. It’s even more weird when you see government personnel and elected officials making non-essential activities somehow essential for them. Stay safe!
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Signature Fish & Chips

We use premium quality fillets of wild Atlantic haddock and only batter and cook our fish to order. Delicious, light and golden crispy. Willie invites you to enjoy a truly signature half pound whole fillet fish and chips dinner for a special price of only $10.95.



27 Jennifer Drive
Bible Hill (Truro), Nova Scotia
B2N 6M5



Kitchen Hours:

Daily – 11:30am – 8:00pm